Testimonio / Lucy Mansa

Lucy Mansa earns her living by growing and selling cocoa beans in her small town of Fenaso Domeabra in Ghana.

The majority of the cocoa beans grown in Ghana are sent to the UK and other European countries to be turned into chocolate. Yet with the transportation of these cocoa beans via the traditional channels, the remuneration that these villagers receive is often very low, and few have adequate living conditions.

Before, Lucy and her fellow villagers had to sell their cocoa to the Ghanaian government which would often defraud them, and they earned very little money for their hard labour. These conditions continued until she and other cocoa producers decided to join themselves with the Kuapa Kokoo Fair Trade co-operative and set up their own company.

Kuapa Kokoo pays all of its produces a fair price for their crops, in cash and on time. This means that Lucy can proudly say: “I am very happy that since I began to work in the Fair Trade networks, I have been able to send my children to school.”

With the extra money that they earn from sales in the Fair Trade networks, they are able to fund projects that benefit the entire community, such as the new well built in Lucy’s own town.

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