Testimonio / Rehena Begum y Bertha Gity Baroi

Rehena Begum and Bertha Gity Baroi are two Bangladeshi women, two strong women who have grown personally and professionally with their work at CORR The Jute Works. Both are married and have three children; Rehena is Muslim and Bertha is Christian, and both are united by a dream of providing social and economic development to their country.
Bertha used to work for Catholic Relief Services as a project coordinator for the blind.
Three months later she accepted, interested by the issue of gender, to promote working women.
Rehena, on the other hand, decided to join the association because she wanted to feel useful, and to develop and improve personally.
When she started working Bertha had no problems because while she studied she began working in a bank, thanks to her experience as a volunteer in the accounting department at Catholic Relief Services. Later she _____ and Catholic Relief Services let her continue developing herself professionally.
On the other hand, Rehena’s family was against it because they didn’t like the idea of her abandoning household chores. She had to put forth a great effort to combine both jobs, always with the support of her husband.
Since joining this association both have experienced changes in their lives like personal and professional development, continuous education, the possibility of providing an education for their children, and the attainment of a loan to build a home.
Regarding the situation of consumers in other countries Bertha says “In developed countries they waste natural resources and should protect the environment more,” while Rehena reminds us that “part of the profit from your purchases comes back to women like me that fight for a better society and economy. Thank you for your support.”
Regarding society, Bertha and Rehena would like to see more volunteer organizations and local cooperation, the eradication of dishonesty and social unrest, and more equal opportunities.
When it comes to life expectations, Bertha tells us she would like “to continue being a person guided by my heart, with good intentions for everyone and with grand ambitions, like contributing to the eradication of poverty and corruption in this country,” while Rehena would like to continue as a volunteer helping children with their schoolwork and creating a school in her town.
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