Testimonio / Peter Ouma

Peter is 27 years old and has been working at Bombulu for over 15 years. He had polio when he was a boy because there was no vaccine available. When he finished school he went to Nairobi to be trained in shoemaking, and he began to work for Bombolulu in the jewelry design department, making models that are presented to clients who buy wholesale. Since a couple of years ago, he has combined his work as a craftsman with the development of marketing materials and has been in direct contact with clients.
“Thanks to the support of our clients, both locally and internationally, and to the support of Fair Trade channels,” explains Peter, “our project has meaning. Their support allows us to maintain ourselves not only economically, but emotionally.”
Last year he married Immaculate, who also works at Bombolulu. They have a small home and a son of nine months, Walter.

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