Testimonio / Huba

Huba has worked at Asli Foods for ten years and was one of the first women to join the project. She has problems with her vision, which is why it was impossible for her to be part of the sewing centers. Asli Foods has been and is the place where she has fit in since the beginning.

Huba found out about the organization thanks to one of the workers who was already at Creative and carried out various tasks like kneading and cooking chapatis, peeling and cutting vegetables, cleaning rice, packaging rice, washing kitchen utensils, and sometimes taking food to surrounding companies.

“I have a great job, I talk with women, we appreciate each other, they love me. At home I have to make an effort not to feel sick; however at Asli I feel healthy, respected, and capable instead of sick. The affection and sharing make me feel useful, capable, healthy, and strong,” comments Huba.

Her family is made up of five people, and Huba is the only one who has a steady salary, which allows her to have medical insurance.

“For me Fair Trade is receiving a salary that corresponds with the work we do. We put a maximum amount of care in the things we make, because it’s for and by us,” concludes Huba. She suggests to foreign consumers that they try a box, and that the next time they take two, and that they tell all their friends.

Fotografías: SETEM
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