Testimonio / Daya

Daya works at Asli Foods. When her husband died she was in a very difficult personal and economic situation and had to bring up her four daughters. She was pressured by her neighbors and was obligated to leave her home begging. Today, after seven years, she no longer has to beg thanks to the salary she gets every month, and she’s not alone: she can count on the kindness and help of her co-workers, who she loves like sisters.

“In the organization we’re like sisters because we talk about things, about our problems,” she explains, “we’re like sisters that work together. I feel like I’m among family. There’s always someone to help me and talk to me, someone who I can share with. I had a lot of pressure from my neighbors, they gave me a hard time for being alone, for being a widow; now I don’t feel alone since all these women are supporting me.”

Daya carries out many different tasks: kneading and cooking chapatis, peeling and chopping vegetables, cleaning rice, packaging rice, and delivering and selling boxes. What she likes best is delivering because she likes going out, being outside and selling. Thanks to this job Daya no longer has to beg and can pay for the education of her children.

“I don´t know a lot about Fair Trade,” says Daya, “but for me it’s something that comes from a just organization, that pays you the salary you deserve, that treats you right. To someone in another country who buys something I’ve made, I’d like to say that I always talk to people. That is to say, when I go to offices I treat clients with politeness and respect. Afterward I ask them what they think about the food, if they like it, if it seems too spicy. If it is too spicy, I would listen and change it so that the flavor is to their liking so that they’ll buy from us again.”

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