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Alice Mumbua

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alice2 Alice Mumbuaalice Alice MumbuaAlice Mumbua has been working at Bombolulu since 1993. Bombolulu helped her keep going and in fact, if she didn’t have this job she probably wouldn’t have been able to live a dignified and independent life. The Kenyan government doesn’t give economic support to the handicapped, so organizations like Bombolulu are the only ones that allow disabled people to earn a living.
Bombolulu decides which workshops are best for each person based on their abilities and limitations. Most of their workers are blind, missing hands or arms, or have serious medical problems. Deaf people work primarily in the textile industry or in mobility workshops. When she arrived, Alice was trained in jewelry making for six months and was so nervous that her work wouldn’t meet standards that her hands wouldn’t stop shaking, but she worked hard and her self-esteem grew.
Now she feels at home with her co-workers. She lives on-site with two adopted daughters. It was her family that gave her custody over the girls so that she could feel like everyone else.
The working day starts at 7:30 AM and lunch time is at 12:45 PM. In the afternoon they start at 2:00 PM and end at 5:00 PM to have a complete working day of eight hours. The workers sometimes put in extra hours because there are many orders. Alice’s salary is stable, which allows her to live with dignity. She eats meat about once a week and her daughters eat oatmeal with milk for breakfast, which is a privilege in Kenya because milk is very expensive.

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