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Yogi Tea (Spice infusion)

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Yogi Tea is a type of infusion made from a base of spices and is based on the Ayurvedic Hindu medicinal tradition. Yogi tea is recommended for purifying the body, invigorating the nervous system, and repairing the liver and brain in cases of damage from drug use. It helps equilibrate your system when you feel out of shape. It has been used to prevent the flu, colds, and diseases of the mucous membrane. It also helps women when they have menstrual pains.

Properties of Yogi tea:
-Stimulant and revitalizor
-Regulates the nervous system
-Invigorates the liver

Tea in the world context
Bodegon Infusiones 3 Yogi Tea (Spice infusion) Teas are usually classified according to how the leaves are fermented and the production process used: as such, we have green tea, black tea, blue or Oolong tea, red tea and white tea.
In the Eastern world the most commonly consumed tea is green tea, which comes from the same plant as black tea but is not fermented.
Green tea was already being consumed in China 20 centuries BC.
There are 74 FAIRTRADE tea producer groups. They are located in China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Uganda.

yogi te Yogi Tea (Spice infusion)

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