Producto / Cards made in Palestine

Sindyanna de Galilea is an organization known for selling Palestinian products like olive oil, baskets, and soaps. For four years now, this organization has given an added value to its products by including them in a new project that looks to help Palestinian artists that live and work in Israel. The goal is to help them become better known by including reproductions of their works in items sold to the public.

There is no real artistic awareness in Arab society, and organizations like galleries and museums are on the edge of collapse. The lack of education and funding are the greatest enemies of the advancement of Arab art, and Sinyanna´s idea is to foster art through Fair Trade products.

To achieve this, Sinyanna includes a work of art in postcard form in every box of soaps that they sell. On the top of the package are photos of the five cards included in the complete collection to encourage/animate the customer to buy more and complete their collection. Another imminent project is the production of a calendar with a collection of twelve cards.

The concept behind Sindyanna de Galilea is that Fair Trade is more than just paying a fair price to producers. The real objective is to invest in areas that until now have not been considered worthy of interest. The ultimate goal of this project, which includes Palestinian artists like Ahmed Canaan, Fatma Abu-Romi, and Salakh Hijazi, is to link the concept of fair trade with all possible ways of developing societies. The true task is to provide better quality while always working toward justice.

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