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Panela is a biologically grown food, a healthy and natural alternative to refined sugar, since it doesn´t have saturated polysaccharides. In fact it is considered the purest sugar in existence because it is obtained simply from the evaporation of juices from sugar cane and the final crystalization of the sucrose.
This sugar does not undergo any refining process, depurification, or any other type of process, which is why it retains all the vitamins and minerals from the sugar cane.
Panela is frequently consumed in the Phillipines, Southern Asia, and above all in Latin America, where it is used to sweeten juices, teas, infusions, sodas, jams, and cookies. In Colombia it´s the main ingredient in a popular drink, panela water, made simply with water, panela, and lemon juice or mozzarella cheese, producing a tasty drink.

The process of producing granulated brown sugar is based on the evaporation of sugar cane juice, without much treatment. The process generally consists of grinding the cane, separating the impurities, heating and letting it evaporate until a panela syrup is produced, leeting it solidify and later whisking to produce granulated sugar.

Nutrional Value

It may be thought that panela has qualities similar to those of brown sugar, but it´s important to keep in mind that in reality the majority of brown sugar sold commercially is just white sugar with molasses extract added to give it its characteristic color and flavor. Compared to white sugar, panela has fewer calories and appreciable amounts of different vitamins and minerals.

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