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The production of olive oil soaps is an important part of the traditional Palestinian economy. In the past, almost all Palestinian women knew how to make them, and today many of the older women continue the tradition.

Sindyanna olive oil soap is produced in the city of Nablus, located in the occupied territories zone. This creates complications because the soaps have to cross Israeli checkpoints and sometimes have to wait in the sun for long periods of time.

After five years of successfully marketing olive oil soaps, additional varieties have been developed with natural scents such as lemon, honey, milk and Dead Sea clay. Each variety of soap is packaged in a decorative box and accompanied by a card portraying the work of a Palestinian artist.

Not only are Sinyanna soaps recommended extensively by dermatologists for their healing properties for oily skin, acne and blemishes, but they are also a symbol of the work for peace and the rights of the Arab population in Israel. Each package of soap is the final product of the combined efforts of the two peoples who share this corner of the Middle East. Purchase of these soaps makes a difference in the lives of Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories. Their story transforms them into an ideal gift with an unequivocal message of solidarity.

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