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Rooibos (South African Red Bush) Herbal Tea

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This infusion is made with a Cuban orange juice base and South African Rooibos, which is caffeine-free and provides a refreshing sensation without nerves or insomnia, unlike other refreshing sugary drinks.
Rooibos or ¨Aboriginal tea¨ is the national drink of South Africa and is considered a rich source of minerals (it has iron, fluorine, copper, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and manganese) and of Vitamin C. However, the Rooibos plant is not a tea, but a species in the legume family that is grown exclusively in the Cerderberg Mountains in the southeast of South Africa. Even though its flavor is very similar to that of black tea, it is differentiated by its sweet and fruity tones and for not having caffeine or tannins. It´s considered very beneficial because it has over 200 mineral elements.
The two South African organizations that produce it (in collaboration with the José Martí cooperative from Cuba) bring together, after centuries of racial segregation and oppression, 175 families of small famers dedicated to Fair Trade, organic cultivation, and harvesting by hand.
In South Africa Rooibos is also a traditional cooking ingredient and is often used to make cosmetics.

Properties of Rooibos:
-Natural drink without caffeine or tannins that avoid nerves, and is recommended for children and adults of all ages and those with high blood pressure because it has no stimulants
-Natural and smooth anti-histamine that treats allergies
-Improves the majority of digestive and intestinal disorders
-Maintains healthy teeth and bones because it has fluorine, calcium, and magnesium
-Effective antioxidant and anti-free radicals
-Helps the treatment of skin conditions
-Replenishes minerals (drink for athletes)
-Helps lose weight by equilibrating potassium and sodium levels and avoiding liquid retention
rooibos 2 Rooibos (South African Red Bush) Herbal Tea

rooibos 3 Rooibos (South African Red Bush) Herbal Tea

rooibos 1 Rooibos (South African Red Bush) Herbal Tea

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