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These ceramic jugs are made by Nhung Giang, a group made up of 60 members and located in Northern Vietnam in the village of Bat Trang.

The ceramic used in this village is a grayish white and fragile, so it must be treated very carefully. Regarding the manufacture, in the past carbon was used to bake the pieces, but now gas ovens are used because they’re more environmentally-friendly.

Pieces with simple shapes usually only have to be baked once. However, for products with more complicated shapes (like square teapots or rectangular objects) the artisans pour clay in molds and leave it in the oven for about 15 minutes. Afterward they take out the ceramic, cut off the extra parts and smooth it using water. Then they wait for the ceramic to dry, clean it, and return it to the oven to bake at 1200 C.

Two of the most characteristic traits of these pieces are the beautifully colored Tam Thai flowers and the glassy, aged appearance that artisans achieve with ivory colored recycled glass that is carefully selected so that it doesn’t destroy the clay.

Tam Thai

Tam Thai is a mix of green, red, and yellow that artisans use to hand-paint the ceramic pieces without any outline or pattern. Tam Thai is what makes each one of these ceramic pieces really unique, special, and different.

Picture: Craftlink

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