Producto / Cikis. Bolitas de chocolate con uvas pasas y quinoa crujiente

The majority of cocoa that we consume on a global level is made by small groups of farmers from Southern countries that have systems of exploitation less developed in their infrastructure. Because of this, and in spite of the fact that cocoa makes up a large part of income of families, the amount of production is relatively low and results in salaries that can´t cover all of their basic needs. We can´t forget the widespread speculation that exists in the cocoa economy that produces its low price.

Another problem with the cocoa economy is the child exploitation on the plantations. According to the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), in 2002 there were 284,000 underage people working in the fields, while 153,000 were working wth pesticides.

Fair Trade cooperatives known as CONACADO are working against all of this. Among their different products based on cocoa are delicious little bags of chocolate with vanilla aroma and little crunchy pieces of quinoa, raisins, coffee, and cashews.

The different materials needed to produce these little bags come from different countries that also benefit from Fair Trade. The cocoa comes from the Dominican Republic, the raisins from the group of farmers called Vine Fruit Farmers in South Africa, and the quinoa, which is very rich in vegetable proteins, vitamins, and minerals, is grown on Bolivian altiplanos. Quinoa has been declared by the FAO a ¨super food¨in the fight against hunger, for its nutrition qualities. Another curious fact about quinoa is that astronauts used to eat it in space in the form of little bars.

Chocolate In The News

The results of a study conducted by the Center of Prevention of Cardiovascular and Arterial Hypertension at the Univeristy of L´Aquila (Italy) show that moderate consumption of dark chocolate, which has anti-hypertension properties, lowers blood pressure. Eating 100 grams throughout 15 days reduces blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, and resistance to insulin. Of course, one should always eat a balanced diet to avoid obesity.

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