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In Tanzania, the production, manufacturing and marketing of coffee used for Fair Trade purposes is primarily managed by a system of ¨Primary Societies¨ or ¨Village Co-operatives¨ that incorporates organized local farmers into fair commerce.  An example of such system is the Tanzanian co-operative, Kagera Co-operative Union (KPG).

Two types of coffees are produced within Kagera´s foundation: robust and arabic coffee.  Both coffees are created in arduous process by which mature red coffee beans are harvested from trees to go through a drying process of about ten days, weather permitting.  Once dried, these beans are placed in mills in order to have their coffee grains separated from the insides of the dried peels.  In general, arabic coffee is considered to be of higher quality than that of robust due to its flavour and aroma.

Kagera collects coffee beans located in farm holdings to sell either to exporters at weekly auctions held by the Tanzanian Coffee Board, or export the coffee abroad.  Due to profitable sales, Kager is able to pay its coffee producers a higher salary than they would receive outside of Fair Trade agreements. The Kagera foundation reinvests a portion of these higher proftis in local communities, improving their living conditions and education levels.

Types of Coffee

-Arabic coffee: Grade-A quality coupled with a smooth and aromatic flavor. This type can only be cultivated manually and at high altitudes. It is low in caffeine and susceptible to plagues of insects.
-Robust coffee: Stronger flavor along with a higher resistance to insects. This type of coffee can be grown in lower altitudes and collected with the use of machinery, thus making it the more easily produced of the two. Robust coffee contains higher levels of caffeine.
Tueste Coffee/Roasted Coffee Types
-Dark roasted: The coffee bean is roasted with added sugar and the final product is a much darker coffee bean rich in sweet flavor, but unhealthy because it has burnt sugar.
-Naturally roasted: The coffee bean is roasted without any additives and thus has a lighter color and is healthier because it has no sugar.

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