Producto / Lacquered photo albums and boxes

These photo albums are made by the craftspersons cooperative Craft Link in Duyen Thai, in Northern Vietnam. Each one of them is a unique piece made by hand following the oriental technique of longstanding tradition.

The craftsmen and women first use cashew oil to paint each album black, and they let it dry in the sun for five days. After this period, they use sandpaper to polish it with water. Each album is painted and polished between eight and twelve times. Above this baseline and depending on the design, they inlay eggshells or mother-of-pearl, and use thin sheets of real silver to produce the characteristic brilliant colors of these pieces. After a few days, they add colors, sand each album with pieces of nang muc (calamari bone knives), and clean them with their own hands.

The process of making one takes a total of sixty days. If the piece of lacquer is made from bamboo, as in this case, the process takes twenty more days.

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