Majomut Union is a Fair Trade cooperative that unites 1,500 small coffee farmers of Tzeltal and Tzotzil ethnicities in the Altos de Chiapas region of Mexico, where they are fighting to become independent from the government. The cooperative has been working since 1983 to produce and sell coffee in the area, but it also focuses on the developing projects to improve living and working conditions in the 32 communities that it benefits.

Coffee is grown in the Chiapas mountains at more than 1,000 meters above sea level at the base of a volcano, which means that the farmers use completely traditional cultivation methods that have been inherited from their ancestors. Majomut Union has been exporting organic coffee since 1995, guaranteeing a product free of toxic residues and striving to conserve the vital resources of land and water.

Majomut Union is looking to strengthen ties with its customers, and continuously offers them high quality Fair Trade coffee. The goal is that, upon purchase, customers are assured that they are supporting social organization, community development, and environmental conservation. This way, the benefits that come from the sale of Fair Trade coffee are reinvested in the communities that produced the coffee.

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