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Sindyanna of Galilee is an organization dedicated to fair trade in which Palestinian and Israeli women work together day by day, demonstrating that another world is possible.
Founded in 1986, this organization whose name means oak in Hebrew, is part of a network that operates in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In addition to Sindyanna, the network includes “Workers Advice Center” and the editorial “Hanitzotz Publishing House.”
Sindyanna works with a universal focus in the middle of a community ethnically divided into two groups: Jews and Arabs. Its vision is to create a society in which all people have access to the same rights and opportunities, and it puts a special emphasis on the Arab women's rights, who have historically been ignored.
Sindyanna is made up of 12 employees, 25 producer families that work with the organization, and 100 producers that sell its products. Sindyanna works in both Israel and Palestine and has been directed by women of both countries.
The organization is true to the firmness of its name, carrying out actions as powerful as converting territories that were formerly used by the military and abandoned for dozens of years into organic olive groves that benefit the local community. Today they make organic products obtained through indigenous cultivation methods and use traditional production methods. Outstanding among their products are olive oil, soaps, baskets, and regional spices (za'atar).
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