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Naturaleza is a small family business headquartered in Cochabamba, Boliva that produces infusions of fruits (apple, peach, pineapple, orange leaves, tutti fruity, and dried banana). Its purpose is to give a different use for fruit that is harvested in the area and promote ecological farming.

In 1993 it was legally founded as a "Limited Society" (Sociedad Limitada) with the goal of gaining new members and capital, but always among members of the family. Thanks to this growth, new material was bought that made it possible for "Naturaleza" to be the first producer group of Bolivia that was "green" ecological product certified, a distinction granted by the Bolivian certification organization AOPEB.

In spite of being a family business composed of only five members (mother, daughter-in-law, and three children), it has become an important player in the world of Fair Trade, contributing to the ecological culture development and buying fruits directly from farmers. The elimination of intermediaries provides them with fairer and higher prices in comparison with the traditional market.

The business’s main objective is eco-development, and it carries out all its economic business while protecting the sociocultural and environmental diversity.

Fotografías: SETEM

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