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Kagera Coop is a Fair Trade cooperative in Tanzania that unites 60,000 members, including 96 Primary Societies coffee producers. In Tanzania, the production and selling of coffee is managed by a system of "Primary Societies" or "Village Cooperatives", which unite small farmers organized in cooperatives.

The main activities of Kagera are the selling of coffee and other agricultural products, the technical and financial resources of small farmers, and their continued professional training.

Tanzania is one of the main coffee exporters in Africa, and the most important when it comes to the robust variety of coffee. Tanzania is very dependent on coffee, whose export sales make up over 75% of the country’s total export sales. With Kagera Coop and by means of Fair Trade, the producers receive an opportunity to become independent of the huge multinational corporations. It guarantees them training, transparency, and reinvestment of the profits in the development of their communities and Primary Societies of coffee producers. Fair Trade also means better living conditions, workers’ rights, and sustainable development for the most disadvantaged of Tanzania.

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