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Green Net is a pioneering cooperative in the growth of Fair Trade organic rice in Thailand, and is the first Thai organization to be organically certified for its rice. It also grows aloe vera in smaller amounts.

Its main goal is to guarantee Fair Trade prices to the farmers, especially to the most disadvantaged women. These prices assure that their basic necessities are covered, and thanks to these stable prices, the producers can get out of debt on their own and aren’t obligated to abandon their land to find work to support their family or depend on the charity of others.

Green Net unites five organizations of producers with 996 members in organic agriculture in Thailand with founders of the national body of organic certification of Thailand. They sell 150 different products in 40 stores throughout Thailand.

Because it belongs to Green Net and by means of its development of community and ethical work, the small farmers can better their living conditions with scholarships and medical attention while transforming their method of farming into a totally organic alternative. To maintain the biodiversity of the rice and access of farmers to the seeds, they lobby against the use of GMO (genetically modified or transgenic organisms).

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