Productor / Fundación Salinas

The Salinas Group was born in 1971 thanks to the support of Salesian priests and a group of volunteers brought together under the Mato Grosso operation. Once settled in at the base of the Chimborazo volcano of Ecuador (600 – 4,000 m altitude), they started working to create a cooperative for savings, production, and sales. Once they gained momentum, they crated FUNORSAL (Foundation of Farming Organizations of Salinas).
Once the primary goal of rescuing the land from the hands of the great landowners to give it back to the indigenous community was established, the Salinas Group put its efforts into increasing the value of local resources and creating a local economic system founded in the community, while always remembering the core idea of saving.
There are also education programs, youth and women’s centers, a waste control program, and other programs dedicated to reforestation of the area. The program is a responsible and ecological tourism project that will let the world know about the work being done in the area.
Outstanding among the products of Salinas are food (cheeses, chocolates, and natural products), medicinal plants, essential oils, and cosmetics.

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