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Craft Link is a non-profit organization that promotes handcrafted arts as a sustainable economic activity within the realm of Fair Trade. Its complete name is “Centre for Handicraft research, linkage, and development.”

In the midst of the ever-changing Vietnamese economic system, many traditional artisans don’t have access to adequate living conditions. That’s why since 1996 Craft Link has helped them find new markets by organizing artistic exhibitions and bringing their products to stores and bazaars. Craft Link is dedicated to consumer awareness and advising Vietnamese craftsmen and women in product design, business training, quality control, bookkeeping, and price setting. The ultimate goal is to promote the Vietnamese culture and provide the producers with the skills necessary to create competitive products.

Craft Link brings together 40 different producer groups with about 5,000 people. The majority of their members belong to groups that have been marginalized or discriminated against like ethnic minorities, disabled persons, and street children. Together with them and for them, Craft Link maintains a strong commitment to well-defined basic criteria: fair salaries, environmental conservation, and job security.

Craft Link is directed by and advisory committee made up of Vietnamese people and representatives from NGOs like the Comité Central Menonita, Oxfam Quebec, the Ford Foundation, Nordic Assistance to Vietnam, and the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV). None of the advisory members receive payment for their participation in Craft Link. All of the funds obtained are reinvested in the cause of a more just commerce that treats the makers of its products like human beings and not merely as a means of manufacturing.

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