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Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) is an NGO dedicated to development and Fair Trade. In 1987 the commercial division AARONG was born (which in Bengali means “the town market”) with the goal of creating new jobs for the disadvantaged population of Bangladesh and promoting traditional production techniques.

In 2009 BRAC AARONG united more than 350 rural groups throughout the country. 21,000 of its members are women artisans that are receiving technical training and literacy lessons. The people of Bangladesh receive many benefits from collaborating with BRAC. They divide the orders equally among the groups and provide them with work year-round, like producing textiles and decorative cotton and leather products. The members of BRAC AARONG also benefit from pre-financing and higher salaries than the traditional market, which is exactly what Fair Trade aims for.

Some other points areas BRAC is working on include: health, technical training, research on microfinance programs, and educating 1.5 million children in primary school (which, even though it’s only a basic education level, isn’t mandatory in Bangladesh).

BRAC is working toward two essential goals. Firstly, eradicating the poverty of Bangladesh, where 70 million people live without the most basic necessities, suffering from illnesses and malnutrition. Secondly, to make people aware that they have to be responsible for their own advancement in life.

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