Fair Trade

What exactly is Fair Trade?
Fair trade is an international commercial association dedicated to communication, clarity and respect. It is a financial endeavor that aims to increase equality within comercial affairs worldwide. Fair trade aids in sustainable development throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America by making way for better economic conditions and fulfilling a joint agreement among the rights of disadvantaged workers, especially in southern countries.

Goals of Fair Trade:
Cooperation with small businesses in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Demand of just salaries and working conditions in menial employment.
Eradication of child exploitation.
Equality between men and women.
Respect for the enviroment.
Democracy among international commercial affairs.
Lasting commercial trade to ensure successful development.
Mandatory payment of part of the cost in advance to avoid outstanding debt owed to commercial producers.
Profited benefits used to better the community in areas of health, education, etc.
Consumer awareness.

Trade, not aid!
This is what communities worldwide in distressed conditions need in order to escape the cycle of poverty – business based in Fair Trade.

Presently, there are more than 4,000 shops around the world dedicated to Fair Trade. These stores make better economic and social development a reality in underdeveloped nations. In addition to selling these products, Fair Trade shops play a role in increasing awareness by providing information about the origin of the products, and the working conditions in which they were produced. Fair Trade organizations also work to promote social change in governments and businesses to end worker exploitation.

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